You’ve got a couple options. Sometimes I’ll schedule an open trip, with spots available for anyone who wants to go. More often, I organize trips for groups… often customized to meet their interests. So if you’ve got a group, talk to me about what kind of trip might interest you.

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Destination: Nicaragua
Highlights: Coffee Farming and Production
Grinding coffee beans This coffee origin tour visits a top Nicaraguan producer of specialty coffee, going behind the scenes to learn what goes into a great cup. We’ll visit several farms in the mountains of Matagalpa, then cup some beans to taste how different growth conditions affect flavor.

Of course, if you hate coffee, Nicaragua’s got plenty of other appealing options. There’s colonial history and architecture, beautiful beaches, and an activist collective I know that does amazing work and also happens to throw a great party!

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Destination: Guadalajara, Mexico
Highlights: Artesania, Mariachis, and Pilgrimage to Tequila
Church in Tequila, Mexico Guadalajara, Mexico’s second biggest city, is known as "the San Francisco of Mexico." It’s a Mecca for LGBT Mexicans, artists, performers, and the rest of the creative class. The region is also home to a huge number of artisans, who produce everything from ceramics to artisanal tequila. Despite the many things to do and see in the area, Guadalajara isn’t overrun with English-speaking tourists… so it’s never developed that lovely Mexico-for-gringos vibe.

There are some particularly fun times to go. Every August is the Festival of the Mariachi, one of the city’s biggest events. And every June is the big LGBT pride celebration

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Destination: Puerto Rico
Highlights: Beach, Bay, and Seasonal Fiestas

The beach along San Juan, Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is famous for its beautiful tropical beaches. Less well-known and more unique are its bioluminescent bays, which glow as you canoe or swim through them. My favorite is in Vieques, a small island where horses are as common as cars. Vieques is also the famous home of a nonviolent protest movement to free the island of a U.S. military base. And beautiful tropical beaches.

We’ll also take in the sights (sounds, tastes…) of San Juan, from picturesque Old San Juan to trendy Santurce. Last but not least, we’ll head west to enjoy some of the island’s less-hyped attractions and natural beauty.

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Destination: Panama
Highlights: Rainforests, Cultures, and the Canal
Folkloric dancers in Panama in traditional costumes Panama is a small country with a lot going on. Its rainforests and beaches are beautiful and largely undeveloped – often compared to Costa Rica before its huge tourism boom. The country is also home to several indigenous groups, such as the Kuna Indians, who produce Panama’s iconic molas. Last but not least, there’s Panama City. Some people love the city for the famous Canal. I love it for the marvelous ice cream. It’s all about your priorities.

My better half is Panamanian and my in-laws all live there. So Panama has a special place in my heart.

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Destination: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Highlights: Beef, Wine, Waterfalls, and Tango Queer
Tango dancers My favorite time to visit Argentina is in November during the International Tango Queer Festival. The country’s a world leader in LGBT rights, and the Tango Queer movement is redefining gender roles for the national dance.

Of course, there’s a lot more to love there, too – from cosmopolitan Buenos Aires to the amazing rainforest and waterfalls of Iguazu. The falls were recently named one of the New Seven Wonders of the Natural World… not to be missed!

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