Guadalajara announces LGBT pride march!

I love almost everything about Guadalajara’s LGBT pride march, aka the Marcha de la Diversidad.

Float in the Guadalajara LGBT Pride March

A float in Guadalajara’s 2010 march showcases the drag troupe of Monica’s Club.

Guadalajara’s a gay mecca, and their march/parade is the biggest in Mexico after Mexico City.  It has everything from political action groups to crazy performances.  And of course there’s always the obligatory floats pumping dance music and covered with people in skimpy costumes.  Every major bar or club puts together one of those floats.  I think it’s the law.

Another float

Another float for Guadalajara’s Marcha de Diversidad Sexual

The march goes down Avenida Hidalgo, one of the big thoroughfares in central Guadalajara, and ends at Plaza de la Liberación in the city’s historic center.  This is one of the city’s most important plazas, with the Governor’s palace to one side and the cathedral on another.  They set up a stage with a huge sound system and video screens, so the whole crowd can enjoy the performances and a few short speeches.

Anyways, there’s one thing I don’t like about GDL’s march.  I can NEVER get anyone to confirm the date more than a few months in advance.

I scheduled our June tour for when I expected the festival to be, so anyone on the tour could just stick around an extra day and join the fun.  But I’ve been anxious to hear if I predicted the date right or not.  I’ve been asking around and googling my fingers off trying to confirm it.  I got nowhere… until yesterday, googling finally turned up an announcement from the amazing folks over at Zona Diversa. Anyways, I did get the date right!  So that’s a relief.  Our tour ends the morning of June 23rd, and the march is that afternoon.  If you’re interested, let us know.  We’d be happy to help you arrange an extra day or two at the hotel, let you hold on to your cell phone, and so on. Here are some more photos, plus we found fun pics at’s page on the 2011 Guadalajara gay pride march.

People marching show their pride

Proud marchers in the parade

Small dog wearing rainbow wings

Puppy’s got pride too!

Drag queens performing at Guadalajara LGBT Pride

June 2010: A trio of drag queens does the Single Ladies dance with the cathedral in the background. Sorry, that video screen made it hard to get a clear shot!

Parade float in Mexican gay pride march

Another float

Marchers with a gay rights banner

“It’s your right to receive psychological assessment and treatment without discrimination Based in respect of freedom of thought, expression, conscience, and sexual orientation.”

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