Leading cultural adventures in Latin America since 2010!

Welcome to Detour Travel! We specialize in rich cultural experiences in Latin America for sophisticated travelers.

Group tours aren’t all created equal. After years working for several leading tour operators, founder Matt Smith created Detour to offer a more personalized and personal experience. Each tour is custom developed for your organization or private group, so you’ll get exactly what you want. We only visit destinations he knows well, so we can design a one-of-a-kind program and help you get the most out of your cultural adventure!

man in a coco taxi

Detour founder Matt Smith in a coco taxi, Havana, Cuba.

We maintain high standards for our personnel, too. We hear lots of horror stories from people who traveled with weak leadership. Your trip will either be led by Matt himself or another member of our team. All are professional trip leaders with strong experience in the destination country and fluent language skills.

Detour is committed to treating people well. Whether that’s providing stellar service to you, our customer; being good to the locals we encounter along the way; or practicing responsible tourism for the sake of the communities we visit, we aim to take good care of everyone involved.

To inquire about a trip, get in touch! To learn more about Matt, visit his personal website, Detours with Matt. There he blogs about his travels and offers smaller, more intimate trips.