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Puerto Rico

Secluded beaches on the island of Vieques, the surreal glow of the bioluminescent bay, some cave exploration, and lessons in coffee farming and Puerto Rican cooking! You’ll also have more than one opportunity to do some salsa dancing… or just sit back and enjoy the music.

8 days/7 nights. Early bird rates from U.S. $1965.


Guadalajara’s known as “the San Francisco of Mexico” both for its relaxed vibe and its appeal to artists, performers, LGBT Mexicans, and the rest of the creative class. This tour spends time in Guadalajara proper as well as nearby artisan communities and the town of Tequila.

8 days/7 nights. Early bird rates from U.S. $1875.



While this trip offers a range of cultural and nature activities, it features Nicaragua’s amazing coffee industry. We’ll visit specialty coffee farms and learn how much thought and work goes into the production of top quality beans – the entire seed-to-cup story!

9 days/8 nights. Early bird rates from U.S. $2280.


You’ve got your beaches, your rainforest, your big city and your tiny rural town. We’ll visit an indigenous community and see how their culture is sustained. Also, if you like ice cream…
Photo credit: Luis Rubio.

8 days/7 nights. Early bird rates from U.S. $2015.